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Each one of us accesses healthcare during our life; some more than others. The world of hospital appointments, check ups, and operations can be unfamiliar, leading to increased anxiety and discouragement at what can already be a troubling time for an individual.  

Interactive and immersive virtual tours can open up care pathways and in turn reduce anxiety, educate the public, and improve patient experience across healthcare settings.


Whether preparing to give birth, to undergo an operation, to continue with rehabilitation in another location, or choose a place of residence for a relative unable to cope at home, virtual tours can be a significant help.

** we will always offer Healthcare discounts to NHS care providers **

Interactive tours enhance patient experience

When creating a virtual tour of a healthcare setting, we liaise with healthcare professionals to ensure it will benefit patients and their families as much as possible.

We use interactive points to embed additional information and resources into our virtual tours. This means that the tour has an active role in supporting patients locate accurate information endorsed by the trust/care group overseeing their care. 

Our virtual tours can include text, images, video, and links to websites. We liaise with health professionals to ensure that the most helpful resources are available. 

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Maternity units often don't have the time to allow expectant mothers to take a tour of the labour ward and facilities. A virtual tour enables pregnant women to see where they will give birth without infringing on staff time. 

Allowing expectant mothers and their partners to explore the maternity wards, birthing suites, cesarean theatres, and recovery areas, reduces anxiety around the pending birth of their child. 

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SHowcase new facilities

Virtual Tours are perfect for showcasing newly built and renovated healthcare facilities. New equipment, theatres, wards, departments, and buildings can all be captured and then shown to staff, public, and commissioning boards. 

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