With a vast understanding of construction and project management, we have first hand experience of using virtual technology in the design and construction industry. From inception to completion we can fulfil a range of functions through all the RIBA stages of your work.

Construction Yorkshire. Soft landings yorkshire. Sheffield. Leeds. Built Environment.

RIBA Stage 0 - 4 

Architect design. Interior designer. BIM. CAD. Revit. Sketchup. 3D Virtual reality

Measured data

We provide you with accurate 3D measured data which can easily be converted to CAD/REVIT. Kick start your design with quick and accurate measurements.

Matterport. 3D scanning. Building information modelling. Sheffield Leeds Yorkshire. Manchester.

reduce site visits

Eliminate unnecessary site visits by bringing the site virtually to your desk. Collaborate across the team by using the virtual model.



Take accurate measurements directly from the model.


Handover. Soft landings. Virtual soft landings. Leeds. Manchester. Sheffield. Yorkshire. Construction. Engineering. Architecture.

Tender information

Help Main Contractors and their supply chain reduce time, costs and site visits by including the 3D digital twin within the tender documents.

3D BIM modelling. Architect drawings. Interior designer. 3D model visulisation. Sheffield. Leeds. Yorkshire.

RIBA Stage 5 

Consturction handover. RIBA Stage 6. Soft landing. Virtual tour. Virtual soft landings. Sheffield. Leeds. Yorkshire.

Construction phase plan

Take advantage of the 3D digital twin in planning your construction phase. Site setup, health & safety, fire evacuation routes are some of the tasks which can be optimised by using a digital site twin model.

Pre-condition photographic survey

Replace thousands of photos by capturing all imagery and data at once, and save time by eliminating the need to document, arrange, and label photos.

3d walk-through

Create 3D walk-throughs and virtually take anyone immediately to a site or location.

Site inductions

Use the 3D Tour as part of your site inductions. This allows all sub-contractors to familiarise themselves with the building prior to working on site.

Construction BIM. 3D design. Architect. Engineer. Handover. Leeds. Sheffield. Manchester. Yorkshire.

RIBA Stage 6 - 7

Virtual soft landings. Construction projects. Handover. Marketing. BIM. As-built drawings. Yorkshire.

Virtual Soft Landings

View3D have pioneered industry leading virtual soft landings technology. We work with Main Contractors and Clients to ensure the handover and occupation of your building is seamless. We create a 3D virtual twin of your building and provide the users with the information they need to successfully occupy and operate the building to it's optimal performance.


As-built drawings. Construction projects. BIM. 3D Virtual tours. Virtual reality. Yorkshire.

As-built information

We can provide accurate and speedy as-built data, allowing you to verify the construction. We scan 10 - 15 times quicker than a traditional laser scan, providing you with acurate data to model your as-builts


Engagement & Marketing

The final space can be turned into an immersive 3D walk-through. Gone are the days where your 2D photo's don't quite show your space in it's true light. Worried about showing back of house areas or where you don't want people looking? Don't worry, we can remove points to the areas you don't want people to view!

Marketing. Showcase your building and project. Construction handover.

Building operation

As you settle into your building and realise its full potential, use the 3D virtual tour to manage ongoing maintenance and operations. Share the tour to help plan, implement and complete further works as required. 


BIM. FAcility management. Asbestos managment. virtual tour yorkshire. Sheffield virtual tour. leeds virtual tour.

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